Trending Destinations in 2018

In need of some travel inspiration? Every start of the year, it’s the same story – we look forward to the exciting travels we will make, but when it’s time to choose the destination, we’re unsure of when and where to go. Sounds familiar? Well, don’t fret! Discover our selection of must-visit destinations in 2018!

For the adventurous traveller


Capital Amman | Language Arabic | Continent Asia | Currency Jordanian Dinar


In an​ attempt to boost tourism, Jordan recently founded the “Jordan Trail”: an adventurous, 650km hiking route. The trail runs the length of the countr​, and takes you past numerous wonders like the carved temples in Petra and the towering, sandy mountains in Wadi Rum.

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South Korea

Capital Seoul | Language Korean | Continent Asia | Currency Won

Trending Destinations 2018 - South Korea

Embrace the Olympic spirit and head over the PyeongChang! With the new high-speed train, you can check out Seoul before heading to the east. Explore the Olympic village and take in all the athletic accomplishments, or hike through the breathtaking scenery of the national park nearby.

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For sightseeing & cultural experiences


Capital Havana | Language Spanish | Continent North America | Currency Cuban Peso

Trending Destinations 2018 - Cuba

Shielded from tourists for years due to travel restrictions, Cuba is once again a booming destination. From streets full of coloured houses and classic cars, to a 400 year-old for ans lighthouse: Cuba is filled with history. Make sure to visit “Fusterlandia”, a vibrant neighborhood that is full of Jose Fuster’s art!

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Valletta, Malta

Language Maltese/English | Continent Europe | Currency Euro

Trending Destinations 2018 - Valletta, Malta

Malta’s capital beholds ancient ruins and intricate baroque architecture, like the 16th-century St. John’s Co-Cathedral. And as one of the ‘European Cities of Culture 2018’, Valetta’s cobblestoned streets will be filled with over 400 festivities this year!

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For shopaholics and foodies

Detroit, USA

Language English | Continent North America | Currency Dollar

Trending Destinations 2018 - Detroit, USA

This once nearly-abandoned city has been reinventing itself into a trendy destination. The food scene is buzzing with new bars, urban farms and inventive restaurants, which are opening up everywhere. For your shopping sprees, head to the pop-up stores run by young entrepreneurs!

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Seville, Spain

Language Spanish | Continent Europe | Currency Euro

Trending Destinations 2018 - Seville, Spain

Bring your appetite if you’re going to Seville. Besides visiting beautiful sights like the Alcazar and the cathedral, you’ll be spending much of your time indulging in the various tapas the city has to offer. Want to go where the locals go? Visit one of the bars in Barrio de Santa Cruz!

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For relaxing & enjoying nature

The Azores, Portugal

Language Portuguese | Continent Europe | Currency Euro

Trending Destinations 2018 - The Azores, Portugal

Touted as Europe’s secret paradise, the Azores are a cluster of nine islands offering countless waterfalls , green rolling hills, volcanoes with magnificent viewpoints, relaxing hot-springs, black sand beaches, cheeky dolphins and whales that swim in the azure coloured sea. Do we need to say more?

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Sri Lanka

Capital Colombo | Language Sinhalese/Tamil | Continent Asia | Currency Sri Lanka Rupee

Trending Destinations 2018 - Sri Lanka

This oasis is a prime spot in Asia to catch a glimpse of wildlife. Volunteer at elephant sanctuaries, try to spot the island’s many leopards, or go on a scenic railway journey from Colombo to Jaffna. From rainforests to savannas: the ecosystems of Sri Lanka are simply captivating!

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