5 Best European Destinations to Visit this Summer

Yearning for a European escape? Check out our top European summer destinations to visit in 2019. Whether it be indulging in tapas and port wine in Porto, enjoying the hottest music festivals in London or basking at the many Greek beaches around Santorini, we’ve got you covered.

Malaga | Spain

Malaga, Spain

Malaga seems to be a summer dream with its coastline location and its Mediterranean vibe. However, this city is more than just the beach resorts tourists flock to at Costa del Sol. Dive into rich Spanish culture that this port city still serves even as it preserves its historic monuments and local specialities amidst reinventions of the modern art and culture scene.


Be sure to not miss out on both renowned Spanish dishes and equally delightful local flavours in Malaga. Tuck into fresh seafood paella and Malagueño tapas culture whilst immersed favourites at the heart of Spanish culture and tradition in Malaga.

Tip Malaga is the birthplace of the world famous artist Pablo Picasso. Discover more about his life and his prolific artwork at the Casa Natal Picasso Museum.
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Porto | Portugal

Douro River

As one of the oldest cities of Europe, the Portuguese city of Porto is a dream for history and culture buffs. Be surrounded by its beautifully preserved Roman and Medieval architecture alongside age-old bookshops and railway stations. The city also retains its charm among the younger crowds with new cafes and plazas popping up almost all the time.

Porto is also famous for being the birthplace of the sweet, red and tangy Port wine. It is exclusively produced here and so don’t miss on a chance to visit the wine cellars at Villa Nova de Gaia for an essential look into Porto’s culture. You can also stroll through the streets to marvel at buildings like Igreja do Carmo which is covered in Porto’s iconic blue tiles and provide a different take on European architecture. Visit the central neighbourhood of Ribeira which sits on the shores of the beautiful Douro River. And don’t forget to indulge your taste buds at the various restaurants renowned for the freshest seafood, unique tapas and pours of red wine for the ultimate summer vacation.

Tip Visit Lello Bookshop that was first opened in 1881 and regarded as one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world.
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London | England

London, England

The cosmopolitan capital of England needs no introduction. As one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world, London offers a one-stop experience to a wide range of art, fashion, culture and cuisine. The cosmopolitan city never sleeps too—it offers some of the most amazing experiences in iconic parks and museums by day, and the most fascinating restaurants and nightclubs by night, making it the perfect destination for the long days of summer.

Buckingham Palace

Experience some of the most renowned landmarks of the world at the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. Dip into age-old English traditions at Shakespeare’s Globe or with an afternoon tea at the many local hotels. However, be sure to not miss out on the interesting alternative culture enclaves springing up almost everywhere in London today.

Take your pick and experience contemporary British culture with a “pub crawl” or check out one of its upcoming neighbourhoods like Camden, for its eclectic mix of local rock and goth culture. No matter your preference, there is so much to see and do in London this summer!

Tip If you love music, London is definitely the place to visit in the summer. Remember to book your tickets in advance to the many world-class music festivals, that include British Summer Time, Wireless Festival, Citadel Festival. Click here to find out more.
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Gothenburg | Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

Located on the west coast of Sweden, Gothenburg is known for its sea port, its city-integrated amusement park, quaint cafes and restaurants as well as its tourist-friendly locals. The city is perfect for the summer as you soon realise its relaxing and laid-back vibe when you wander around its harbours and neighbourhoods.

Seize the opportunity to participate in the Paddan Sightseeing boat tour as its one of the cities you can still explore through its waterways to appreciate its awe-inspiring architecture and its once-famed shipyard. If you’re up for a hike instead, visit Skansen Kronan for the last remnants of a fortress that now provides the most spectacular views of the city. To truly immerse in the culture of Gothenburg, simple walk or bike down its cobbled streets to visit as many parks and cafes as possible. Be sure to sample its scrumptious fresh seafood when you do too.

Visit the Gothenburg Botanical Gardens too for a futuristic experience in horticulture with greenhouses and beautifully arranged flower rooms. Gothenburg is sure to provide the much-needed winding down of pace of life in the summer.

Tip Gothenburg is home to Liseberg, the biggest amusement park in Scandinavia. Don’t forget to take an exhilarating ride on the legendary Balder, that’s been voted the Best Wooden Tracked Roller Coaster in the world.
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Santorini | Greece

Santorini, Greece

Summer is the time for basking under the sun and relaxing on a fine-sand beach with a gentle breeze. The Greek island of Santorini offers just that and more. Its iconic white and blue houses, set upon steep cliffs and cobbled-stones and all-year round summer weather make the island the crowned jewel of Greece. Built on the crater of a submerged volcano, the island possesses a unique beauty of its own too.


Visit the picturesque northern tip of the island at Oia with a cluster of sugar-cube houses and the most unbelievable views. If you prefer, visit the vibrant neighborhood of Fira instead for trendy bars and boutique shops.

Additionally, thanks to the rich volcanic soil of the island, Santorini is home to some of the most distinctive and delicious flavors of beers. Take a tour of one of the many breweries to sample flavours under the Greek summer sunshine. For the more adventurous, take a ferry trip down to Nea Kameni for a volcanic hike of the mythical Lost City of Atlantis.

Tip Among all the great beaches in Santorini, Red Beach is probably the most unique. It is known for its red cliffs and red-hued sand, composed of black and red pulverized volcanic rock from the nearby Santorini caldera. Remember to wear proper shoes!
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