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5 Tips to Maximise Kaligo’s Benefits

Kaligo is a great way to grow your miles earnings through rewarding holidays, but do you know all the tricks to really maximise your efforts? Take a look at these 5 tips to take advantage of Kaligo's benefits!

10 Tips on How to Earn More Miles

Flying more or spending more on a travel credit card are not the only ways to earn more miles. Check out these top ten tips to accelerate your miles earnings and redeem that dream vacation you always dreamt of

5 Frequent Flyer Tips from Flight Attendants

If anyone should be named the ultimate traveller, it’s the flight attendant. With an average of 80 hours a month in the air, they’ve learned the do’s and don’ts for travelling and got a million travel hacks up their sleeves. To help you elevate your travel experience at all times, we’ve selected five helpful tricks, ...