72 Hours in Morocco

Located close to the Spanish coast, Morocco is a North African gem that offers a vibrant escape from Europe. Famous for the Sahara desert, white-peaked Atlas Mountains and ancient Medinas, Morocco is an idyllic destination for travellers looking for adventure and the “Arabian Nights” experience. Embark on a quick getaway and be seduced by Morocco’s beautiful landscape, rich culture and warm hospitality.

When to go? The best period to visit Morocco is either Autumn or Spring. Summer can be blistering and winter in the Atlas Mountains is harsh.

These are our recommended cities for 3 days in Morocco!


Morocco Marrakech

This bustling city seems to come straight out from an Arabian “1,001 nights” story. Visit Djamaa el Fna, the main square and marketplace located at the heart of Marrakech’s medina quarter. Start your day with a Moroccan mint-tea on one of the rooftop terraces. Immerse yourself in the gypsy vibe of the large square, with its monkey trainers, snake charmers, street singers and artists.

Escape the high crowd of the square and explore Marrakech’s winding streets. Discover local products in every nook of this maze: from leather bags to the iconic Moroccan babouches, and from spices to intricately woven fabrics. And don’t forget to engage with the merchants and haggle for the best price! For Moroccan merchants, price negotiating is a game that must be played with every item sold, and they can be quite disappointed if you simply pay the asking price.

All in all, your day within Marrakech’s Medina will definitely be a memorable moment.

Experiences & hot spots to take note of:

  • Visit Jardin Majorelle, a stunning botanical garden by Yves Saint Laurent
  • Dine at Azar, a traditional restaurant with belly dancing performances
  • Go on a camel ride in the Marrakech Palm Grove
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Tip How about a sandy adventure? Take the opportunity and explore the Sahara Desert, the biggest hot desert in the world, that is just a stone’s throw from Marrakech. As Marrakech is the main door to the Sahara Desert you can easily book a 1-day or 2-days excursion that offers experiences like camel trekking with the local Berbers. Whichever tour you go for, it’s certain that it will be an experience of a lifetime!


Morocco Casablanca.jpg

As the capital city of Morocco, Casablanca – also named Casa – is the perfect mix between modernity and tradition. Highly influenced by European culture, Casablanca reflects the economic development of the country.

Moorish architecture meets Art Deco in this vibrant city. Make sure to visit the art galleries that are situated in the historic villas and admire the largest mosque in Morocco, the beautiful Hassan II Mosque. After walking through the city and treating your eyes to all the beauty within, make a stop and try out some delicious local Moroccan food: we recommend trying the chicken tagine with olives and preserved lemons.

Don’t forget to visit:

  • The Morocco Mall, which is one of the biggest shopping centres in Africa
  • Sky 28, one of the best rooftop bars in Casablanca
  • A local hamman (a hot steam bath), if you’re in for some pampering
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Morocco Fes

Stroll around and discover the little secrets of this northeastern Moroccan city, renowned for being the cultural capital of Morocco. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this unique city is home to the oldest Muslim university. Then visit the oldest wall, Fes El-Bali, and lose yourself in its labyrinth of charming narrow streets. Feel the special atmosphere of the city and enjoy the smell of spices coming directly from the souk.

Finally, take this chance to learn about Fes’ leather industry in the Chouara Tannery. Built in the 11th century, the largest tanner of the city is today one of the most iconic sights of Fes.

Don’t forget to check out these gems:

  • Visit Cafe Clock for a local cooking class
  • Dive into history at the Merenid Tombs
  • Let yourself be entertained and watch a belly dancing show
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