5 Frequent Flyer Tips from Flight Attendants

If anyone should be named the ultimate traveller, it’s the flight attendant. With an average of 80 hours a month in the air, they’ve learned the do’s and don’ts for travelling and got a million travel hacks up their sleeves. To help you elevate your travel experience at all times, we’ve selected five helpful tricks, recommended by flight crews from all over the world!

Tip #1 | How to receive more personalised attention

Tip 1: How to receive more personalised attention

Choose seats near the back of the aeroplane to get swift assistance from flight attendants. When seated near the galley, they can easily provide you with that additional pillow, earplug or toothbrush for a more comfortable flight. In addition, you are more likely to get your preferred meal option as they will pass you first while serving!

Tip #2 | How to make the most of your ticket

Tip 2: How to make the most of your ticket

Arrive at the gate early and you might be in time for a discounted or free seat upgrade, as some airlines offer surprise upgrades on the day of the flight. Want to double your chances? Book a flight during the holidays! The chance of being upgraded to business class is a lot higher then, as business travellers are less likely to fly.

Tip #3 | How to make your flight more comfortable

Tip 3: How to make your flight more comfortable

Since your time spent on a flight allows little muscle movement, it is best to pack a track bottom into your carry-on luggage. During your flight, change into these comfortable pants and your legs will be kept warm at all times. When it comes to choosing the right shoes, opt for ones that are easy to slip on and off as your feet can swell up during the flight.

Tip #4 | How to remain squeaky clean

Tip 4: How to remain squeaky clean

It’s not easy to stay clean on a long-haul flight – you wear the same clothes for hours and the plane itself might also not be as clean as you might expect. For example, passengers use cabin trays for all kinds of things, like changing a baby’s diaper! Hence, make sure to always wipe your tray before use. Keep an extra set of clothes and some wet wipes in your carry-on luggage, so you can always freshen up after you wake up from a nap.

Tip #5 | How to avoid over-packing

Tip 5: How to avoid over-packing

First of all, start by choosing the right bag. People always tend to fill up all available space in their luggage, so select the one appropriate for your trip. Secondly, the magic space-saving travel hack you should absolutely adopt is the clothes-roll technique. Rolling up your clothes instead of folding allows you to save space!  And last, but not least – try to pack only a couple of outfits. Many hotels offer wash and dry services, which can be quite convenient and often considerably more affordable than checking in an additional bag.

Apply these travel hacks now and enjoy your next flight trip!

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