5 Tips to Maximise Kaligo’s Benefits

Kaligo is a great way to grow your miles earnings through rewarding holidays, but do you know all the tricks to really maximise your efforts? Take a look at these 5 tips to take advantage of Kaligo’s benefits!

A quick introduction to Kaligo

Kaligo is the leading global hotel booking platform that allows you to earn thousands of miles and points with your favourite loyalty programmes. Book from over 550,000 hotels worldwide and earn miles or points with every hotel stay.

How to earn miles with Kaligo?

  • Select your preferred loyalty programme to earn miles or points with, key in your destination/travel dates and start browsing for hotels.
  • Choose your favourite hotel and room type, before proceeding to check out. Don’t forget to fill in your membership number!
  • Once you’ve completed your stay, you will be rewarded with your miles or points and you can start redeeming them for free travel rewards with your loyalty programme of choice!
  • Book, Earn and Enjoy!

    Boost your miles earnings on Kaligo with these power tips:

    Tip #1 | Sign up for our mailing list for the latest offers and travel tips

    Once you’ve signed up for Kaligo’s mailing list, maximising your earnings is within your grasp.

    Receive exclusive deals, such as special flash deals that offer you bonus miles/points with a large selection of partners, or seasonal deals that include the best and most rewarding destinations to enjoy that time of year.

    Fly more to accumulate more miles

    Or, be inspired by our carefully curated editorials and travel tips, to help you plan your business trips or the holiday you’ve always dreamt of.

    Fly more to accumulate more miles

    Haven’t signed up for our mailing list yet?

    Book hotels on Kaligo now!

    Tip #2 | Unlock special partner offers by making your first booking with Kaligo

    By signing up for our newsletter, you will receive all kinds of travel tips by email. However, if you really want to maximize your Kaligo experience, make that first hotel booking with us. From that moment on, you will receive special offers with your preferred loyalty programme. These promotions only come around every so often, so make sure you’re ready when they come!

    Fly more to accumulate more miles

    Tip 3 | Refer Kaligo to your friends!

    Do you have friends whom you want to share your love for rewards with? Introduce them to Kaligo using our referral programme and you will both receive the following bonus miles/points:

    Your friends receive 1,000 bonus miles/points once they’ve placed and completed their first booking.

    You get 500 bonus miles/points every time your referred friends have completed their first hotel stay.

    Referring is easy: Simply share your unique referral link and have your friends book through that link. Done! You can always find your referral link, the status of your referrals and the Terms & Conditions in the Account section when you’re logged into your Kaligo account. Enjoy referring!

    Fly more to accumulate more miles

    Tip #4 | Use the “Best Deal” filter on Kaligo

    To find the hotels with the highest miles or points earnings, remember to check that the top-right filter is set to “Best Deal”. Once this filter is set, Kaligo’s algorithm will automatically look for hotels that are the most rewarding to book with.

    Fly more to accumulate more miles

    Tip #5 | Explore our rich everyday benefits with our wide range of loyalty program partners

    At Kaligo, we work with over 50 leading loyalty programmes around the world, offering you lots of choice to make your travels even more rewarding.
    Every programme on Kaligo has its own year-round benefit. With some you can earn a fixed number of miles per dollar spent, with others you can earn miles/points across a range per dollar spent depending on the hotel you choose.

    Is your favourite frequent traveller programme featured on Kaligo? Click on the logo below and take a look at the rewarding benefit offered.

    You can also explore Kaligo’s wide range of loyalty programme partners below to find out their diverse, but equally rewarding benefits.

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