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Top 5 Cities with the Most Stunning Spring Flowers

Amsterdam | Netherlands

The world famous Dutch tulip fields come to mind when you think of a spring vacation. Naturally, the ideal climate in Holland has made the city of Amsterdam a sight to behold.

The best time to catch the iconic blooming daffodils and tulips in Bollenstreek (or the Flower Strip) is from April to early May. Visit the Keukenhof Garden, the world’s largest flower garden which boasts a vast variety of perfectly-timed blooms to create a splendid display in almost every colour conceivable. Make it a point to participate in the world-famous Keukenhof Flower Parade held annually every April to behold the majestic floats of flowers that make their way from Lisse to Haarlem. In addition, Amsterdam prides itself so much on their flowers that you do not have to make a purposeful visit to the gardens. The entire city of Amsterdam will be bathed in home-grown flowers of all kinds in over 85 locations, free to the public.

Tip Every Saturday in April, take in the spectacular view of the vibrant flower fields in style with a helicopter ride! Fly above the flowers for the ultimate view of the gardens, but be sure to book your rides in advance.

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Washington D.C.|The United States of America

Over 3,000 cherry blossom trees come into full bloom from late March through early April in America’s capital city. Spring brings an additional flair of blush pink tones to the city’s monumental white-marble landmarks, serving as a reminder of the spectacularity of nature in this concrete jungle.

For the most spectacular views of the pretty petals, head to the Tidal Basin and take a stroll by the river. The ever-popular spot also offers the best photograph opportunities with its backdrop set against famous buildings like the Jefferson Memorial. Alternatively, the Bishop’s Garden at the National Cathedral offers a different and often less crowded view of the beautiful flowerings, set against the Gothic architecture of the Church. Celebrate the arrival of springtime with the locals at the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival. Exciting events like the Blossom Kite Festival and Petalpalooza are organised as part of the festivities that run non-stop from late March to the middle of April. From outdoor beer gardens to splendid fireworks display, the city is sure to fascinate both adults and children alike.

Tip Visit The Kennedy Centre to enjoy free concerts every evening at the Millenium Stage!

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Cherry blossom trees are obviously the highlight of spring in Japan. The whole city of Kyoto is engulfed in pretty light pink and white shades in the springtime, accentuating its serene mood. Take a relaxing stroll in numerous gardens like the Kyoto Botanical Gardens and the Arashiyama Park to immerse yourself in true tranquility among the magnificent cherry blossoms.

There are also a number of unique ways in which one can experience the spectacular site of spring flowers in Kyoto. Take the Kyoto tram between Narutaki and Utano stations to stand still and enjoy the breathtaking views, or you can take the Okazaki Jikkokubune Boat Ride to take in the completely different experience of cherry blossoms illuminated at night. To take part in the festivities with the equally warm locals of Kyoto, head to the Ujigawa River Cherry Blossom Festival which happens every April. Make sure not to miss out on the many local snacks made from the prefecture’s famous green tea, or the many Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki (pottery techniques originating from Uji) potteries at the Sumiyama market.

Tip If you can, plan your visit to Kyoto to include April the 10th to catch the Sakura Festival at Hirano Shrine. Locals dress in varying traditional wear from different periods to preserve this royal practice that has been passed down for over a thousand years!

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This Andalusian city is set ablaze in orange tree blossoms and accompanying fiery festivals every Spring. Experience the city come alive as over 14,000 azahar orange trees bloom and perfume it with the natural sweet scent of oranges to set the backdrop of this impassioned city.

The Feria De Abril is the most anticipated festival that takes place in this city two weeks after Easter. It celebrates all things Spanish with music, dance, costumes, the local flowers in what seems like unending celebration for six days straight. Get into the Feria spirit with your flashiest flamenco dresses and visit the mid-day parades for high-energy performances and your share of local tapas and beers. This Sevillian fair in Spring will take you to another world altogether!

Tip For one day during Feria De Abril, experience the quintessentially Spanish Bullfighting season which coincides with the Spring festivities. Make your way to Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza to catch the best matadors give their go at raging bulls.

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What better place to take in the beauty of spring flowers than in the city of Florence? With monumental churches, Renaissance art and delicious Gelato, visit this romantic city in Spring to enjoy its beautiful bloomings everywhere you turn.

Immerse yourself in the splendour of the city by visiting the many beautiful gardens, such as The Iris Garden or The Rose Garden that is open in April and May respectively. Together, they showcase over 3,000 varying plant and flower species, with breeds both local and from abroad. If the local gardens are not enough, catch the very best Iris flowers from around the world at the annual International Iris Competition that takes place on the second week of May. Wish you could take a piece of the beauty home with you? Head on over to the Mostra Mercato di Piante e Fiori, a flower market for a wide variety of locally-grown flowers and plants.

Tip There is a gelato festival that takes place every year in April. While the Firenze Gelato Festival caters almost every flavour imaginable, make sure to get yourself a scoop or two of the strawberry flavour as the local farms are bursting at the seams with fresh picks during Strawberry season.

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